How to Register a Canadian .ca domain?


Visit GoDaddy Canadian home page and in the New Domain Search Field – Enter the Domain Name and click on Search Domain button.

NOTE: Login or Register before Buying the Domain.


Select the .ca domain from the list, click Add and then click on Continue to Cart button.


Tick the Domain Ownership protection checklist (to reduce email spam and privacy), and uncheck the start your website free checklist. Select No Thanks option for other criteria’s below and then click on the Continue with these options button.


You will be taken to the billing page where you are supposed to fill up all the billing details. (.ca domain can only be registered by a Canadian citizen).

Note: Your .ca registration is not complete until you accept the CIRA Registration Agreement and enter the Contact ID that we provide in the email message. If you do not complete the registration within seven days, CIRA deactivates your .ca domain name and we issue a refund.

Once done filling up the form details, click on Submit and you can make the payment for the domain.


Once the purchase is complete, Godaddy will send an email message that contains the information you need to complete the registration of your .ca domain name


Once this is done, your next step would be buying a Web Hosting Plan (preferably WordPress Hosting Plan) to host the domain which you have already registered with Godaddy.

To buy web hosting for this domain, click here for web hosting plan details and how to sign up with SiteGround’s Managed WordPress Plan with Priority Support (Step-by-Step Process).